Friday, September 6, 2013

New Workout!!

Today has been a crazy day so I am a little behind in my post today but HAPPY FRIDAY!! Today I wanted to share my workout with ya'll.

Week 14 Workout 3
I first started out on the treadmill with a sweaty warm up.
5 minutes walking: 15.0
5 minutes jogging: 0 incline
5 minutes walking: 15.0
5 minutes jogging: 0 incline
Then got to the really sweaty part of my workout!!
When I finished I was ready for a nice long shower. This will be a workout that I definitely do again.
I am going out of town this weekend to the bfs parents house. I am pretty excited because we are going to his little cousins 2nd birthday party.
Isn't she adorable!!

I love going to his parents house because it is always very relaxing and of course I get to play with his adorable cousins.
You know I will take tons of pictures and share them next week. I also have a ton of new recipes and workouts I want to try out, so make sure you check them out!!
Day 102:
Breakfast: blueberry pomegranate smoothie
Snack: few bite of leftover tuna salad
Lunch: Couldn't bring my lunch today because I had some other things to do this morning so my food would have gotten old so I had to eat in the cafe. Tuna sandwich on wheat. NO MORE BREAD on Monday
Snack: 2 pieces of dark chocolate
Dinner: hamburger no bun with onion and ketchup with a side of sweet potato fries and red peppers
154 days no diet mountain dew
9 days 2nd 5k
210 day 1 10k


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