Thursday, September 19, 2013

Work Those Abs & Zucchini Pizza

Last night when I got home I was super excited to pop something in the oven take a hot bath (so sore from my workouts lately) and relax on the couch. Of course there were brand new movies on Demand Lifetime so I had to check one out. I decided to make zucchini pizzas because I haven't made them in a while and if you know me you know I loveeee pizza. So I got everything out that I would need to make my pizza masterpiece.
You will need for pepperoni pizzas
zucchini, pizza sauce (low sugar),turkey pepperonis and skim mozzarella cheese
You will need for spinach pizza
zucchini, fat free cottage cheese, spinach, garlic salt and skim mozzarella cheese

Let bake for about 15 minutes and get ready

because they are yummy!

The spinach pizzas were actually my favorite. I will be having more tonight for dinner, for sure.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am pretty sore from my workouts lately and my knee this morning
  wasn't feeling that great. I knew the ab workout that I wanted to do today I could do at home so I decided that I could run after work outside and be able to do the rest of my workout at home (not a fan of the gym at night)
So tonight when I get home I'll make sure I get my workout on :)

(for some reason the bottom got cut off. But I will be doing 1 min. side plank on each side)

Tomorrow is Friday THANK goodness. I feel like this has been such a long week.

Day 215:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with skim mozz cheese and spinach
Snack: 20 almonds and tiny amount of trail mix
Lunch: leftover casserole
Snack: turkey pepperonis and protein bar
Dinner: zucchini pizzas

165 days no diet mountain dew

Next 5k Oct 12th or 19th

19 days till new goal weight

197 days till 1st 10k

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