Monday, September 16, 2013

New Goals and A Race Toward's Our Future

and run 3 more 5ks by Jan. 1

Now to the weekend.......

This past weekend I went to visit my best friend from college in Charlotte because we had planned to run a 5k together. It would be my 2nd and her 1st. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and got ready to head to Charlotte. Of course I already had everything laid out.

I made myself a quick breakfast. 2 eggs and grapes and met up with the bf. (aka my cheerleader)

We headed out but first since it was so early we needed some caffeine.

I normally would never buy coffee from Starbucks because I think it is over priced but they have the best pumpkin latte ever and I wanted to treat myself. (actually the bf treated me ha)

When we got there we met up with Debi and got our packets for the race.

Then got pumped up. ( I think we will always act like kids around each other)

Such a handsome cheerleader I had. He really did want to run but changed his mind because he said he knew I would want some pictures. What a man I have:)

Then it was race time. I was getting a little nervous when they started explaining the course. I was not used to running trails.

Butttt I finished and I beat my first time by 3 minutes,

I burnt 372 calories

and I felt good!!

I ended up getting first place in our age division. (I won't say how many were in our division ha)

After the race we headed back to Deb's house to hang out the rest of the day.
I got to ride in the back with this cutie.

I think being able to play with her was the best part of the day. I just love her!!

It was then time to head home. Wheew what a trip.
My next 5k will either be October 12 or 19 in Greenville.
Day 210:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with grapes
Snack: protein bar and energy gummies
Lunch and dinner: veggie burger with salad
Day 212:
Breakfast: skip
Lunch: Broccoli, squash and turkey sausage casserole.
Snack: side salad with low fat yogurt dressing
Dinner: sweet potato, a few bites of  broccoli, squash and turkey sausage casserole.
Dessert: frozen yogurt
164 days no diet mountain dew
200 days till 1st 10k



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