Monday, October 7, 2013

International Festival 2013

Well it is that time of the year!

First one up.....
International Festival 2013
When we walked up to the festival we had to go to the currency exchange to get tickets.

Then we set out to travel to all the different countries to see all the different tasty foods they had.
France was mainly treats.

This little guy was so cute, he was having a blast handing out all the food.

We definitely had to check out Mexico. (come on ya'll know I love Mexican food)

Then we found this booth. This booth was trouble. I couldn't look long or I would have had to buy a piece of them all. Cheesecake is possibly my favorite thing in the world. ( I think sometime soon I am going to have to create a healthy version)

The bf's sister ended up getting this one for her hubby.

After we checked out all the booths, we finally made a decision on what we wanted to try.

She went with a fajita from Mexico and some noodles from the Philippines. (she wasn't a fan of the noodles) 

I went with grilled BBQ chicken from the Philippines. YUM!
After we couldn't handle the heat anymore we decided to say farewell.

Bring on the next!!
Today I start my 10k training and I am super excited about having a new challenge.
With my training schedule today is Strength and Stretch. So I found a great workout that I can do this evening when I get home and I will finish it off with some stretching.

Day 8 recommit:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach, sugar free syrup and skim mozz cheese
Snack: 20 almonds
Lunch: Skinny Me Mexican (recipe either tomorrow or Wednesday)
Snack: sweet potato
Dinner: Pumpkin Pancakes (recipe either tomorrow or Wednesday) and a few bites leftover lunch
Day 1 new training
Next 5k Oct 12th or 19th

37 days till (new) ultimate goal

April 4th 1st 10k- 179 days

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