Thursday, October 31, 2013

LittleBlueDress Challenge

So I am super excited about what is starting on Monday. I have reached out to people through the Littlebluedress Facebook page how I am going to begin the LittleBlueDress Challenge for people who are wanting to work on changing their lifestyle. (I started my challenge over on Tuesday). I think that this is the best time of year to start because with the holidays coming up it is good to treat your body right or then after the New Year you are stuck with those unwanted pounds. I am not saying that you can't enjoy your favorite foods but learning about your portions, good/ bad carbs and sugar intake really can make a difference. Now let me remind everyone I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or personal trainer but I am a good motivator. I have been living my healthy living lifestyle since January of this year and I have come further than I ever thought possible. I know it is hard to stick with something if you do it by yourself (I had a few bridesmaids dresses to keep me motivated) so I thought I would start with an open challenge for anyone to join. I will be doing it through the facebook page and will have an open message board that way everyone can share their goals, the ups and downs, new recipes and new workouts. I will help with any meal plans and workouts that anyone may need help with. I think as a group everyone can keep everyone motivated and accountable and see the results they want to see! So if you would like to join the challenge go out to my "Littlebluedress" facebook page and message me or comment below! Who doesn't want to lose 10 pounds by Christmas!!
Now to the Challenge:
The way I started I knew I had to cut out certain foods to make me see food differently. So I cut out all bad carbs and sugar/ desserts. Now this might seem horrible but after the first 3 or 4 days your body gets used to not having them. You will see a difference in your energy and personally it made me a happier person.
If you don't think that you can cut them out right away start to limit yourself. Maybe at a restaurant ask the waiter not to bring bread or instead of eating a baked potato eat a sweet potato. There are so many small things that you can change in your daily life that will make a huge difference.
The dates of the challenge is going to be November 4th to December 25th. Now I know that Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas Eve are all going to fall into this challenge but this is when you will realize that you need to have a healthy lifestyle the most. So you don't completly splurge and ruin all the hard work you have been doing.
Now as far as cheat days go. When I first started I didn't allow myself any cheat days for months because I really knew that with myself if I cheated one day I would fall back into all my bad habits. I had to teach myself self control. So I didn't introduce cheat days probably until 5 months in. But don't freak out. Everyone is different some people have more self control than others. I am not going to miss out on all my favorite things on Thanksgiving but now I have taught myself not to go crazy and my body actually likes healthier food now anyways. It's all about you and your mindset. You have to believe in yourself and put down the Twinkies. :)
Workouts: When I started I couldn't even jog for 3 minutes without wanting to die. But I started slow and worked at it. I changed up my workouts so I didn't get bored. I set goals and made sure I met them. My workouts are not extreme and many people can do them at  home or the gym. I will make out daily workouts and post them to the message board and you can follow them or mix them up. Just remember any workout is better than no workout!
Meal plans: I decide what I am going to eat throughout the week for breakfast and lunch every Sunday afternoon. I cook everything and package it up that way all I have to do in the mornings is grab it and I don't have any excuses to run through fast food. As far as dinner goes I plan that daily. I will be posting weekly meals plans on the message board for anyone that might need help planning. I eat 5 small meals a day and try to have some sort of veggie or fruit 3 times a day. (I try)
Soda: This stuff is just bad. There isn't any reason people should drink it. I cut it out because I literally was addicted to diet mountain dew. My hands got so shaky that I couldn't even hold things. Once you give up soda and drink more water you will feel like a different person. So with the challenge soda is out!
Things you will need:
FOOD JOURNAL: this is one of the most important things to have. You have to write down every single thing that goes in your mouth. This keeps you accountable and it also makes you realize if you are eating too much.
Scale: Our goal is to lose 10 pounds by Christmas so on Monday when you wake up weight yourself. I have a countdown for my weight loss goals it helps with motivation. Every Monday morning is going to be weigh in day. Don't freak out you don't have to share you weight with anyone just yourself.
The right attitude: You have to be willing to really change your lifestyle. I can make out plans, workouts and motivate you but in the end all of this is up to you.
So remember if you would like to begin the challenge starting on Monday please go out to my facebook page (Littlebluedress) and message me or my personal facebook (Melissa Bowen). You may also comment below or email me at
On Sunday I will be starting the message board with meal plans for the week, workouts and of course some motivation :)
So let's do this, let's say goodbye to those unwanted pounds and say hello to a healthier, happier you!!
Let me know by Friday evening if you are going to join!!
Treadmill: 3 miles
Ab workout full of planks
Day 3:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with  hot sauce
Lunch: (1/2) Mexican stuffed sweet potato and low fat yogurt
Snack: protein bar before workout
Dinner: other half of mexican stuffed sweet potato and chili
 Day 3 only drinking water
 207 days 1st 10k


  1. Oh this is so exciting!! Really pumped for you guys and I can't wait to see how the challenge is going! Keep us posted :)

    1. I am pretty excited about it too:) I will def. be doing updates on here!!

  2. I would love to join this challenge! I need to lose 30 pounds so 10 is a good way to start! :)

    1. Hey :) Like Littlebluedress on facebook or Add myself (Melissa Bowen) and I will add you to the challenge:) I am so excited to get this started and that you are joining!!

      Stay healthy & happy,