Monday, October 28, 2013

Sky Top Apple Orchard & Pumpkin Carving

Saturday morning we met up with a couple that we always enjoy hanging out with and headed to the apple orchard. We put the address in the GPS and headed out for the day. Although the address we used clearly wasn't right. We ended up in the middle of nowhere.
But finallllly we made it in the right direction. Hey least we got to do a little site seeing!

We first stopped at a cute little country store. Although the people there were not so welcoming but I clearly ignored them and made sure to gets some pics.

We then decided to head up the rest of the mountain to Sky Top!

When we walked in the main room there were people everywhere but the smell of fresh apples was amazing.


This is very true. I love Caramel!!

We then picked out a basket and headed out to the orchard.

Such cuties!!

We were ready to find the best apples out there.

But of course I first had to get some fresh apple cider first.

Granny Smith apples are my favorite so I was a little bummed to learn they were already out of season.

But that didn't stop us, we got to pickin.

Such a perfect day, we were up in the mountains and the leaves were so beautiful!

She made a new friend. His tongue was so soft haha

We then had to take some cheesy picture of course :)

Not realluy sure what we were trying to do here,

but here I think I was trying to be like a herbal Essenes girl!!

After picking our apples, drinking our cider it was  time to tell the mountains bye and head home.

Once we got back to their house we decided to have a pumpkin carving party.

Everyone's turned out so good, well except mine. I am clearly not artistic.

All in all it was a FALLtastic day!!
Day 22 recommit:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with hot sauce
Snack: 20 almonds
Lunch: grilled chicken wheat wrap with mozz cheese, spinach, spicy mustard and jalapenos
Snack: pop chips
Dinner: homemad ranch turkey chili

206 days no diet mountain dew
16days till (new) ultimate goal
April 4th 1st 10k- 157 days


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