Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Evening Visitors, Dinner & Summer Smoothies

Last night when I pulled into my driveway I discovered I had two little visitors waiting for me. I haven't seen Ryder's sweet face in about a week so I was so excited they surprised me.
He is growing so fast and I know his momma is wanting time to stop but I can't wait till he can run around and play with me. I forsee many spend the night parties with his Aunt Mel.

After they left I was starving so I had a little snack while I made my dinner.
This dip is SO good. It's only 25 calories for 2 tbsp and it is so flavorful you don't need much.

All day at work I was craving a good salad. I love making salads at home because I am really picky with lettuce. I can not stand iceberg lettuce, the texture is horrible to me. I am more of a romaine and kale kinda gal.
So at the store I picked up all my favorite ingredients to make my perfect salad.
Rotisserie Chicken (only white meat)
romaine lettuce
shredded broccoli
yogurt ranch (only 45 calories for 2 tbsp)
( I normally add more veggies to it but I was so hungry I didn't feel like chopping them up)

After I finished my salad I went ahead and prepared my morning smoothie. It saves so much time in the morning.
1 banana
handful of strawberries
handful of spinach
2 tbsp of flax seed
unsweetened almond milk
sugar free cheesecake powder
Now that is it warm out, smoothies are my go to for breakfast!


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