Friday, May 9, 2014

Time To Get Serious People!!!

It is almost a month before the biggest day of my life and the beginning of something so beautiful and special words can't express how excited I am buttttttttt..... it is down to the wire and I want to look and feel my best on that day. So I am going to be getting really serious these last 35 days. I am saying goodbye to everything except lean meats, fruit and veggies. So that means goodbye to dear sweet dairy :(. For the next 35 days I am going to be using all the recipes from Tone It Up. ( These girls know what they are doing when it comes to food and a good sweat. I have joined the TIUTeam and I am so ready to see the results I will have on my wedding day. This is going to be a tough month but it will be so worth it once I slip into that little white dress. I hope you will all join me in my journey to this goal and if you want to join in feel free. This also means I will now be blogging 7 days a week to keep myself accountable and to share all my meals and workouts so I hope you enjoy!! :)

Here is an example of one of my typical days:
Meal 1: Fruit smoothie with protein and greens
Meal 2: Fruit
Meal 3:wrap or salad
Meal 4:green juice
Meal 5:lean meat with lots of veggies

This month I am going to be doing a total body cleanse and working out daily. On my wedding day my future hubby isn't going to take his hands off me. I mean that's the goal right. wink wink!!
I can't wait to see and feel the changes.
Come on Monday I am ready to conquer this month!!

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