Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 3 "Surprises for the Hubby" & a Surprise for Me!!

Well I am on day 3 of the 30 that I will be surprising the hubby with something special. I have to say yesterdays surprise will be hard to beat so I figured today I would do something sweet and nothing is sweeter then letting him know what I love most about him.
But first I wanted to share this sweet little message I got yesterday.

I can't WAIT!
Now to today's surprise.
I first printed out my favorite picture and made it into a card.

I then listed out 10 reasons why I love him. I think #6 is my favorite :) ha

Most of the time I think homemade gifts are better than store bought because they come from the heart.
I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend. I will be back Monday with days 4, 5,6 &7 and also my plan for getting back to my healthy & happy lifestyle cause believe me trying on something in the morning and it being to tight does not make this girl happy.

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