Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cookouts for the Waistline

If you have read any of my previous posts you probably know how much I love to grill out. I feel like I begin many of my posts with that statement during the summer. But I'm okay with that.
Because normally when you grill out there is a cookout involved which means hanging out with some of your favorite people.
Today I want to share some of my favorite cookout foods.

First I am going to share my skinny coleslaw recipe.
What you need:
Pre-cut coleslaw
Nonfat plain Greek yogurt
Coleslaw seasoning

Basically all you have to do is mixed it all together and refrigerate.

 Pretty easy right?  This is a better option than coleslaw filled with sugar and mayo. The hubby even liked it, well he said he did J

Next is basically my favorite thing for any cookout.
Sweet potato fries/ chips.
What you need:
Sweet potatoes
Seasonings (I normally use Italian or southwestern seasoning. But I always use crushed red pepper.)
Extra virgin olive oil
Start with either cutting your sweet potatoes like a fry or you can cut them like chips. I like to do them like chips because you can make them crisper.
 After cutting them like chips I mixed with the olive oil and seasonings.

Then I placed flat in the baking dish.
I really like mine crispy so I normally cook then on 400’

Now to the meat. I normally try to stay away from red meat but if you are at someone else’s cookout you might not have that option.  I try not to be “that” person that brings their own meat to a cookout unless asked to.
So today I am going to share how I lighten up my red meat. First and foremost I leave off the bun. I personally think a bun takes away from the meat and toppings.

I then choose my toppings. I really like to change up my toppings instead of just using your traditional toppings like lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and ketchup. I like to use things like salsa, light BBQ sauce, avocado, my light slaw, my light pimento cheese spread, A1 and grilled onions and peppers. (Not altogether of course) I try to keep my toppings very light but still full of flavor.

Cookouts are the best time to sit back and relax with everyone you like to spend time with!!
Check out tomorrow because I have a REALLY GOOD new recipe!!

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