Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just A Whole Bunch of Things From the Fridge!!

So I completely forgot that my “Cookout for the Waistline” was saved on my other computer so I will be sharing that tomorrow. Let me tell you my skinny coleslaw recipe is pretty delish.

So today I figured I would share something I created last night.
This might be the best egg bake that has ever come out of my kitchen. The funny thing is I literally just kept grabbing things from the fridge and adding them to the mixing bowl.
What you will need:
1 small carton of egg substitute
Lots and lots of spinach. (remember it will shrink once cooked, so the more you add the better)
1 cup of fat free cottage cheese
6 pieces of turkey bacon (cook separately first, then chop)
2 tablespoons of garlic hummus
Reduced fat mozzarella cheese to sprinkle on top.
 All you have to do is mix all together and pour in baking dish.
I let cook on 350’ for about 20 to 30 minutes. To be honest I don’t really time things I just go with how they look. Once the egg is fully cooked in the middle it is ready.

This egg bake basically melts in your mouth. It is so creamy and VERY low calorie.


I had it this morning and it was just as good as last night.

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