Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Miss Motor

Hi everyone my name is Miss Motor. I talked my mommy into letting me introduce myself because I was missing out of all the fun. Now I have to admit my mommy is very protective of me. It is probably because when she found me I wasn't in the best shape. I decided one day that I was cold so I hopped into Mommy's engine and decided to stay while she took a 45 minute ride to work. Let me tell you it was a hot, a very miserable ride, not the best idea I ever had. But it did lead mommy to finding me and taking me in. After that day I have been spoiled rotten since so I guess my plan worked. So I wanted to share some pictures of me. What do you think could you give my cute face up?

I think not!
 I should get an award for being world's best snuggler.

See mommy and I love our afternoon Sunday naps.

But I can be a handful, don't give me a roll of toilet paper and a bath tub.

And where ever mommy goes I want to go too!

Nice meeting everyone, mommy said she would get back to her recipes tomorrow!
Day 103:
Breakfast: 2 eggs
Snack: 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
Lunch: turkey sausage and broccoli alfredo
Snack: 1 green apple
Dinner: turkey burger with lettuce, fat free cheese, ketchup and hot sauce then Skinny Aunt Kay's Squash Casserole
Dessert: 4 small Skinny Turtles
45 days no diet mountain dew
16 days till ultimate goal

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