Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Weekend Tale of Two Lovebirds

All the girls started the weekend at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC, where we pampered ourselves all day.

After we had relaxed all day, we headed downtown for a night on the town.


The next day we headed to the venue for rehearsal, when we noticed the groom (my brother) was missing. No he didn't get cold feet, just got stuck behind a wreak. This is him getting to the rehearsal right after we finished. She was waiting at the bottom of the stairs :)

My brother and nephew Carter.

My dad giving the speech that my brother is officially a man :)

My sister  (holding Carter) and sister in law

The two lovebirds

I might be a little biased but they are the cutest little family I have ever seen

The Bowen Bunch just keeps growing (this makes my momma VERY happy)

He is taking after his aunt, already wanting to take pictures orrrrrr maybe he just liked to chew on my camera case.

The morning of the wedding
Carter and I snuck out on the porch for a relaxing morning.

You can't tell me he is not the cutest little one you have ever seen.

All the girls and my lovely grandparents

My Alabama family

My beautiful mom and the bride

Me and my brother, the groom

The Bowen Sisters

Here we go!

Let's get this dance party started :)

The bf and I

Old family friends

Yes they are STILL dancing, I don't think they ever stopped.

Then it was time to say farewell to

As you can see this was a beautiful wedding and words can't express how happy I am for these two!
I PROMISE NEW, YUMMY SUMMER RECIPES COMING VERY SOON. Just been very busy this past week! xoxo 
Now today was my first day at the gym that I joined and you are not going to believe it. I went BEFORE work. Which means I went at 6 am. yeap 6 am. If you know me I am not a morning person but I think I have found the cure. I feel so great this morning. So I am going to continue to try to do it 4 to 5 times a week. I will share with you my workouts and if you have any tips just let me know.
 Week 1 Workout 1
Today's workout:
20 minutes of cardio
15 minutes of arm weights
(I will add on everyday but I wanted to start slow so I don't get burnt out)
Day 112:
Breakfast: Green Smoothie (strawberries, banana, spinach, almond milk)
Snack: 2 medium eggs with a teaspoon of sugar free syrup and skim cheese
Lunch: Turkey sausage pasta with spaghetti squash & side salad with skim cheese and low fat yogurt cesar dressing
Snack: mixed nuts
Dinner: once again the BF and I went to Thai :) so I had the same thing I always get garlic chicken and veggies no rice
61 days no diet mountain dew- 15 days no soda


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