Friday, June 7, 2013

"I can't believe it's not potatoes"

I want to start off by saying HAPPY FRIDAY!! I am ready to kick off my shoes, pull on a bathing suit, and relax by the pool all weekend. I look forward to this day all week. Sometimes sitting behind a desk all week can make me a little crazy.
Now to my wonderful recipe
Growing up I was a huge fan of potatoes. Some might say I was a little obsessed with potatoes , like my dad. Just a funny story about that on this rainy, cold Friday. One night he had taken my brothers, sister and I out to eat to a buffet (my mom was out of town for some reason) probably so he didn't have to cook :). Anyways I go to fill my first plate up and I get a huge roll and a half a plate of mashed potatoes. I eat that then go back for a little bit more of the tasty mashed potatoes and when I finish that as I get up to go have my final plate (probably mashed potatoes) my dad says " Melissa if you get mashed potatoes again and not something healthy you are going to get a spanking". So I listened to what he said went and got a plate and this time I got a baked potato. I came back to the table and he said" Melissa what did I tell you". I looked at him very seriously as said "what daddy you said I couldn't get mashed potatoes. " haha This story always makes me laugh. Now days I can't eat mashed potatoes for every meal or I would be as big as a house. I probably haven't had a potato well since I started my healthy living lifestyle. Now I do miss them but I like my skinny jeans better. So I decided to find something that would help my potato craving. Boy did I. Before I found this recipe I had never even heard of this veggie. It is a called rutabaga. Right? Weird name I know. So I went to the grocery story and picked one and came home to try out this new recipe.

What you will need
1 rutabaga
any seasoning you like on potatoes ( I used garlic, Italian seasoning and paprika)
a peeler ( to peel the outside)
a VERY sharp knife
cooking spray
Preheat oven to 400"
Start by peeling off the outer layer.
After completely peeled, get ready for an arm workout. These things are tough to cut.
I ended up having to microwave for a few minutes to soften it up because I clearly didn't have a sharp enough knife.
Once you finally get it cut up put on baking sheet and add your seasoning and cooking spray (some people add olive oil but I think that is just extra calories)
Once everything is added put in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes ( flipping halfway through)
Once they are golden brown and crispy, let cool and......
enjoy your " I can't believe there not potatoes"

All I have to say about today's workout is, wheeewww, this girl is sore.
Week 1 Workout 4
Today's workout
Treadmill: 15 minutes- incline 15 and 3.5 mph the 4 minutes jogging at 4.5 mph then ended with 1 minutes of 5.5 mph.
25 sit ups
25 mountain climbers
25 leg raises
1 minute plank
(I repeated this 3 times)
Day 115:
Post workout smoothie: handful of spinach, 2 tablespoons of pb, 1 banana, 2 ice cubes and a cup of almond milk
Breakfast: 2 eggs with skim cheese and a teaspoon of sugar free syrup
Snack: homemade hummus and broccoli
Lunch: Romaine lettuce, skim cheese, tuna and hot sauce as dressing
snack: mixed nuts
Dinner: homemade Skinny Mozzarella Sticks
64 days no diet mountain dew- 18 days no soda


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