Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Weekly Splurge & Registered for my First 5k

I want to start off with sharing my weekly splurge. I am sure you have realized that I love Thai food. I literally could eat it every day. But that would be rather ridiculous right? Maybe not. ha. Anyways I always order the same thing and it tastes amazing every time. Since changing my eating habits I no longer eat the rice and those yummy little shrimp springs rolls. I stick with my meat and veggies, which is a perfect amount. I get the Pud Gratium. It is chicken with broccoli and cabbage in a garlic sauce. Doesn't it look delish!! But I have to drink tons of water today because I am sure this is FULL of sodium.

I then of course have to add to it to make it as spicy as I can handle.

Can't wait for next week!
Now to something very important to me.
As you can see I am pretty excited about this. I have always wanted to get into races but honestly was just too lazy. I liked the thought of races not the thought of actually doing them. So I am so happy to share that on September 14th I will be running my 1st and hopefully not my last :) race.
So A few weeks ago I knew I needed to start some sort of training so I didn't die when it got time for the race. So I made up a schedule where I started out at running a mile and each week I go up .25. I keep a calender at my desk at work so that I can check it off every day. This also keeps me motivated.
Then squares that are highlighted are days that I have already completed. (4 times a week)
This square that is highlighted is my final weight loss goal date.
And then of course I the day of the race highlighted.

I will keep you updated with how the training goes. As of now it is going pretty well!!
Today's workout
Week 8 Workout 3

I have a love/ hate relationship with burpees. They make me want to die but at the end I am so glad I add them to my workouts.
Day 162:
Post workout smoothie: strawberries, 1 small peach, almond milk and 2 ice cubes
Breakfast: 2 eggs with 1 tsp of sugar free syrup and skim cheese and 25 almonds
Lunch: quinoa, turkey sausage, asparagus and hot sauce
Snack: non fat yogurt/ 100 calorie trail mix
Dinner: Veggie burger with ketchup no bun and a side of quinoa, turkey sausage and asparagus
111 days no diet mountain dew- 65 days no soda
25 days final goal
52 days 1st 5k


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