Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Bit of Rest and Weekend Plans

When my alarm went off this morning lets just say I was not eager to get up. For some reason I woke up ever hour last night on the dot. If you know me you know I have to have my sleep or I am not the happiest person in the world. So I decided since I only have one workout left this week I would do it tomorrow. We are going to the bf's parents this weekend and they live close to a track so that will be a good time to practice running outside.  I will share with you on Monday how it went. I am pretty excited about this weekend because all the women in the bf's family and I are having our first yard sale. I love an excuse to clean out my closet because I tend to be a little bit of a hoarder with clothes because I think I will wear them again someday. Wrong! ha As of now I have 6 large trash bags full so hopefully everyone buys everything and I make a ton of money. One can dream right? Anyways the reason we decided to have it this weekend is because the bf's cousin is having a baby shower. I just love baby showers, all the eewwing and awwinggg make me smile. I will like always take many pictures and share them on Monday.
Now to the food..... I had to make something rather small because I knew I was leaving for the weekend and I hate to waste food. (aka money ha) So I whipped up some of my favorite foods for my lunch today.

Quinoa, turkey sausage, asparagus and hot sauce. Great combination!

and then we have my newest favorite thing to eat, sweet potato fries! Yum.

Day 163:
Breakfast: Smoothie (strawberries, almond milk and 2 ice cubes) and 2 eggs
Snack: 25 almonds
Lunch: quinoa, turkey sausage, asparagus and hot sauce
Snack: Sweet potato fries
Dinner: small bowl of bbq, coleslaw and chicken salad.
112 days no diet mountian dew- 66 days no soda
24 days final goal
51 days 1st 5k

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