Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dinner, August Birchbox and 519 Calorie Workout

Last night I was wanting to cook something in my crock pot. I love using it but I always forget about it. So when I got to the grocery store I went to the meat aisle to see what looked good. I normally skip over the red meat aisle and go straight to the turkey and chicken but I thought I would take a look. The sirloin tips were actually calling my name. So I gathered everything I needed and came up with a quite delicious dinner.
Sirloin tips with low fat gravy (99% fat free cream of mushroom soup and an onion soup packet)
Sweet Potato Fries with 1 tbsp of ketchup
Side salad with low fat yogurt dressing (2tbsp)

After dinner it was present time for me!
Yeap it's Birchbox time.

August Birchbox

Dr. Jart+ : Premium BB Cream SPF 45+, multitasker evens out skin tone, has antiagin benefits, and gives you broad spectrum protection.
Jasmine Seven: Fresh feet and hand wipes
ModelCo: Party Proof Lipstick, coral (my favorite)
Violet Oasis: 100% Organic Argan Oil. feeds skin and hair with vitamin E and essential fatty acids
TanTowel: Classic Self- Tan Towelettes
Now to the workout!!
Week 11 Workout 1

Then I added 10 minutes fat burning level on the elliptical.
Today was the first day that I wore my Polar watch using the calorie counter and I was glad I did. It ended up pushing me harder and I set more goals during my actual workout.
After 1 hour and 10 minutes I burnt 519 calories!
It's a good feeling to see the actual number of calories you burn after a long sweaty workout.
Day 181:
Breakfast: substitute egg with reduced fat cheese
Snack: 20 almonds, small black plum, and 4 tiny pieces of dark chocolate
Lunch: Turkey, Squash, Quinoa casserole with small side of sweet potato fries
Snack: side salad with low fat yogurt dressing
Dinner: Homemade sloppy joes and asparagus (recipe tomorrow)
130 days no diet mountain dew- 89 days no soda 
6 days till ultimate goal
17 days till vaca
32 days till first 5k

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