Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hit 10,000 Views and Skinny Sloppy Joes

I am super excited about this post can't you tell!!
(Ya'll know I'm cheesy ha)
Today I have hit over 10,000 views on my blog. (actually 10,085 to be exact) I am so happy that people have actually taken an interest into my journey to becoming a healthier version of myself. When I think about how far I have come I hope that I have inspired at least one person to change their lifestyle. When I started out I really just wanted to lose weight and get skinny. But after I lost that first 20 pounds, it really hit me that my goal shouldn't be to just get skinny (my head is wayyy to big to get too skinny ha) my goal should be to get healthy and fit. After that moment it really changed my outlook on my journey. My journey will never be fully over (who knows I might be 80 and still have this blog ha) I will continue to travel down this healthy, happy, road that I call my LittleBlueDress Lifestyle.
Okay enough sappiness.... Now who likes Sloppy Joe's?
Every time I think of Sloppy Joe's I think of a crazy lunch lady. But did you know that they can actually be very healthy and tasty. Well until last night I didn't know either.
What you will need
Lean sirloin ground beef
Low sugar ketchup (75% less sugar)
Organic tomato sauce
1/2 red pepper
1/2 green pepper
minced onion
garlic salt

Start by cooking your ground sirloin. While that is cooking chop up your veggies (very small)
( I forgot to show garlic salt and minced onion in my ingredients pic)

Once meat is fully cooked add veggies, mined onion and garlic salt. Cook on high for about 5 minutes. (You might want to add a little water)

Then add your sauce and ketchup.(1/4 cup of ketchup)

Cover and let cook on medium for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

While this was cooking I made my side of asparagus.
What you will need
Minced onion
Garlic salt
Extra virgin olive oil
Crushed red pepper
Italian seasoning

Add 1 1/12 tbsps of olive oil and all of your seasoning. (I'll let you judge how much seasoning you want)

Cook on 375' for about 20 minutes.
Once everything is ready,

Get ready to fill like you are back in a high school cafeteria but not eating the magic meat. So yummy and healthy!
Now to the workout this morning.

You would have laughed at me trying to do reverse lunges. Let's just say my nickname isn't Grace!

I love ab workouts!!
After 1 hour and 9 minutes I burnt 462 calories.

Day 182:
Breakfast: substitute eggs with reduced fat cheese
Snack: 20 almonds, 1 small black plum and 4 tiny squares of dark chocolate
Lunch:  Turkey, Squash, Quinoa Casserole and 2 spoonfuls of Skinny Sloppy Joes
Snack: side salad with low fat yogurt dressing
Dinner: rotisserie chicken with 1 tbsp of 75% less sugar ketchup and mashed cauliflower 
131 days no diet mountain dew- 90 days no soda
5 days ultimate goal. eekkkkk
16 days till vaca
31 days till 1st 5k


  1. Just discovered your blog and I'm curious---are you following a specific workout plan or do you make them up each day?

    1. Hi :) I am currently training for my 1st 5k so I do have a specific running plan. I started out running a mile and then I go up .25 mile each week until I am at 3.1 miles. As far as the rest of my workout goes, I basically change it up daily. I found that if I do that I don't get bored with my workouts and this way I make sure I work my entire body by the end of the week. Hope that answers your question:) Thanks for reading:)

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