Monday, August 5, 2013

New Date Adventures

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was wonderful but too fast as always. I wanted to share with you a little craft idea that I came up for the bf and I. We normally do the same things as far as dates we go on  and as far as where we eat at restaurants. So I wanted to come up with something that would change it up a little. So I got a jar, some paper, a pen and ribbon and got started. On the paper I wrote out different date ideas and places to go and also some other little things and then filled the jar.

Once it was full I came up with the rules. One of us gets to draw one every Friday and they have all week to do whatever is on the paper. So this Friday I let the bf go first.
He drew
" Your date must buy you a surprise for under $20"
So later that afternoon I went Walmart to look for his surprise

I got him new razor blades, buy 1 one get 1 deodorants and a card. All for under $20
I can't wait for this coming Friday when it is my turn to draw. I will keep you updated with all of our new dates!
Day 171:
Breakfast: skip
Lunch: O' Charleys. Grilled chicken salad with spinach, pecans, a few blue cheese crumbles and balsamic vinaigrette
Dinner: the leftovers from my salad at lunch
Day 172:
CHEAT DAY: Last one until I hit ultimate goal
Day 173:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with hot sauce and a little parm cheese
Snack: 20 almonds
Lunch: tomato soup with crushed red pepper and parm cheese. Chopped up grilled chicken with hummus and hot sauce
Snack:small turkey roll uo with lettuce, cheese, mustard and 15 almonds
Dinner: Thai (chicken and veggies) then after I made my batch of super I tried a little bit of it.
122 days no diet mountain dew-76 days no soda
14 days ultimate goal
24 days beach vaca
40 days 1st 5k


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