Friday, August 2, 2013

Yummy Veggies

Last night I was in a veggie mood. So I went to the store and picked out all the veggies I love. Then made a mixture that might be my new favorite quick go to meal.

What you will need
turkey sausage
sweet potato
fat free beef broth
minced garlic
crushed red pepper
garlic salt
Start by preheating your oven to 375'
Then chop up all your veggies and turkey sausage and add all your seasonings. Use your judgement on how much to use. I like a lot of spice in my life :)

After about 15 minutes take out of the oven and stir.

Let cook for about 15 more minutes or until everything is fully cooked.

Then dig into all these yummy veggies. It also goes well with a side salad.

Week 9 Workout 3
1.75 miles on treadmill.
1:00 wall sit
100 jumping jacks
1:00 plank
100 squats
1:00 jogging in place
100 leg lifts
20 push ups
20 incline sit ups
leg weights (10 mins)
1 mile on the bike to cool down
After that sweaty workout I was in need of a nice shower and a very cold post workout smoothie.
This morning I used one of my favorite cups. I made these this past Christmas for my mom, sister and I. We all live in different states. So I drew the state we lived in and marked our city with a heart. Then drew a line to connect all the cities. I love homemade presents.

Day 170:
Post workout smoothie: strawberries, 1 banana, flax seed, almond milk and 2 ice cubes
Breakfast: 2 eggs with low fat cottage cheese
Snack: 20 almonds with 4 tiny squares of dark chocolate and 2 yogurt covered peanuts
Lunch: Chicken, Asparagus, Broccoli and Quinoa Casserole
Snack: side salad with low fat yogurt dressing
Dinner: Ruby Tuesday. grilled chicken with side salad and spaghetti squash with marinara sauce.
Dessert: I treated myself to some fat free sugar icecream.
119 days no diet mountain dew- 73 days no soda
16 days final goal
27 days beach vaca
43 days 1st 5k


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