Thursday, September 12, 2013

Motivation & Lean Legs Workout

This weekend I am doing my 2nd 5k with my best friend from college. I am super excited to run another race but I am pretty excited to see these two. The memories that we have could literally last a lifetime but the new memories that we are making including her daughter I wouldn't change for the world. Looks like the two of us finally grew up.....well maybe just a little:)
Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling very motivated to go to the gym so I did what I hate doing and rolled back over and got another hour of sleep. What I should have done is remember this sweet face for my motivation.

So if you are ever need motivation or try to find an excuse for not working out, remember him!
This morning I did just that and headed to the gym.
I did a quick run on the treadmill for warm up and then started my new lean legs workout. All I can say is holy squats!
I then cooled down with 10 minutes on the bike on fat burning level.

Honestly the best feeling I get is after a good workout. It calms me, gives me time to think and most of all tones my hiney:) haha
Day 208:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with sugar free syrup
Snack: 25 almonds
Lunch: left over skinny sirloin meatloaf with steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of fet and balsomic vin.
Snack: side spinach salad with low fat yogurt dressing
Dinner: tuna salad with spinach and reduced fat cheese and grapes. (icy pop)
160 days no diet mountain dew
3 days till 2nd 5k
204 days 1st 10k
I am adding a whole new goal list starting on Monday so make sure you check it out!!

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