Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday Parties and Golf

This past weekend I went to the bfs parents house for his little cousin's birthday. It was a Minnie Mouse theme and I would have loved it as a kid. Who am I kidding, I actually still would love the decorations but I think that is just the kid that is still inside of me.
When we got to the party the birthday girl was having a blast!

After playing for a while it was time fore the kids to eat. How cute were the sandwiches.

Then we all gathered around the table while she blew out her candles. You could tell the kids were antsy to have some cake and cupcakes. Nothing better then watching a playground full of sugar filled kids.

I think the cupcakes we my favorite part. I heard they were yummy. I stuck with snacking on grapes.

 The bf and I.

The birthday girl said she is ready to open up some presents!!

I mean who wouldn't want to open all of these up!

Such a sweetie!

The next day the bf, his mom and I decided to go play golf. I got them to stop at the grocery store on the way so I could get a few snacks. I didn't really want to eat a hot dog at the course:)
I have never gotten these south beach bars and they were so yummy and full of protein.


It was a perfect day for golfing. (but it was HOT)

After we finished we had Sunday dinner and then headed back.
I love weekends full of family and fun nothing beats them.
Day 203:
Breakfast: grapes
Snack: beef jerky
Lunch: grilled chicken salad
Snack: 3 pieces of dark chocolate
Dinner: another grilled chicken salad (I love salads ha)
Day 204:
Breakfast: 1/2 peach and plum
Snack: go to bar
Lunch: grilled chicken, sweet potato and small piece of corn
Snack: go to bar
Dinner: Tuna bake with a side of sweet potato noodles and marinara sauce with reduced fat cheese.
Dessert: icy Popsicle
Day 205:
Breakfast: Egg bake
Snack: 25 almonds
Lunch: Tuna bake with spinach
Snack: go to bar and edamame
Dinner: Thai (chicken and veggies) and icy Popsicle
Day 157 no diet mountain dew
6 days till 2nd 5k
207 days till 1st 10k

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