Friday, August 8, 2014

Who Says Eating Healthy Can't Be Fun?

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. The sun was bright and the blue skies were gorgeous. There is something that always makes me want to grill out when it is a beautiful day, I mean probably everyone that has a grill thinks that. I love just sitting outside and relaxing and just catching up with my hubby and how his day went while smelling the fresh aroma of the grill. Honestly there are not many more things I enjoy more.
I have to say one of the reasons I love grilling so much is because there are so many healthy options. You have your chicken, turkey burgers, sirloin steaks, all different types of veggies and some grilled fruits are even quite tasty.
So last night I decided to try and make something new and very different.
Grilled BBQ chicken, spinach, eggplant pizza.  

Get ready these things are amazing!!
I started by grilling the BBQ chicken.

The eggplant is going to be the crust of the pizza. So cut it into a circle.

After that I put them on the grill and let them get nice and crispy.

After the chicken as cooked I shredded it along with spinach.

I then added a light layer of BBQ sauce to the eggplant. Along with the shredded chicken, chopped spinach and light mozzarella cheese and then put in the oven until the cheese melted.

As my side I baked one of my favorite things sweet potato fries and siracha corn. I will share those recipes next week!
Now all I have to say is.....
Who says eating healthy can't be fun and VERY tasty!!

Hope everyone has a happy & healthy weekend.

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