Thursday, August 7, 2014

Our First Purchase as Hubster and Wifey & Good Eats at Panera

I am pretty excited about this post because I am doing it from our new computer. Yesterday after work the Hubster and I headed over to Best Buy because we were in need for a new laptop. The one we currently had was the one I have had since college and lets just say you could travel to another state before it logged on. So we shopped around and looked at our different options but we finally found  "The One". Of course I wanted a HP laptop since I work for them so we decided to go with the HP Envy. It's the one that is a laptop and tablet in one.

We are not good at taking selfies together. 

We were like two kids in a candy store.

After we bought our new laptop we went across the street to Panera for dinner. We always forget about Panera for some reason and every time we walk in the door it reminds us how we need to come more often. The wonderful smell of the breads, pastry's, cookies, etc, I mean who wouldn't want to go. But the thing I love most about Panera is they have healthy options for me and not so healthy options for the hubster. He is pretty much obsessed with their potato soup. Me, I am not a fan. But I will say that all of these desserts I wouldn't mind to sit back and try them all. 

So tempting!!

For dinner tonight I had their new flatbread sandwiches and a cup of soup.

I have tried most of the flatbreads but there is a new one that I was calling my name tonight.
The BBQ Chicken (360cals)
This had chicken, lettuce, onions, cheese and bbq sauce. I am definitely a fan.

I also tried a soup that I had never had.
The Lemon Chicken Orzo (260)
This reminded me of chicken noodle soup but on steroids.

All in all this was a pretty productive, delicious evening for us. I am so excited to have a laptop that I can use all the time. This is going to make blogging even better then it already is.

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