Friday, January 10, 2014

Change of Plans

Last night I had planned to go to the gym and then try something new, Mediterranean spaghetti squash but that all changed because the fiance didn't end up not having to go to work. So I will give you one guess what we did...... THAI NIGHT! And if you have ever eaten Thai you know there is no working out after. So I will just have to catch up this weekend on my workouts. Then I was supposed to try out a new recipe so that I would have lunch for today but..... the fiance wanted to take me out for lunch today. So I don't have much to post about today but I would rather spend time with  him :)
We decided on California Dreaming for our lunch date.

I had the California Dreaming House Salad
Mixed Greens
mixed cheese
toasted almonds
balsamic vinaigrette
I asked for no bacon and bread ( this cuts out a lot of calories)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
Day 11, Operation I'm getting marrrried!
Breakfast: Egg, spinach and feta omelet
Snack: 25 almonds
Lunch: house salad with low cal dressing
Snack: protein bar and edamame
Dinner: skip
Day 12 no soda
154 days till final goal and getting hitched

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