Friday, January 25, 2013

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 2

As I was laying in bed last night I thought about all the things I had to do, how much money I had and how much a budget I should be on, I found myself actually upsetting myself and get so frustrated that I knew I was  not going to get any sleep. I then grabbed "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" and began reading. The main topic that I read about was about patience and learning to listen. I think patience is probably the worst thing about me. I find that sometimes I have none. After reading I did learn that all of the stuff I don't have patience for is mainly my fault. If I would just sit back and not think about how something is bothering me or frustrating me I believe I would become a much laid back person. For example at Christmas time I couldn't stand going shopping because of all the people. When I should really be thinking about the good things. Like the reason for the season, "God", or be happy that I have a job and can go shopping, or be thankful that I have family and friends to shop for. I need to learn to take a few steps back and really think about why I am letting myself get so bothered. In the book he said to make up a patience game and once a day for a certain amount of time practice good patience. I am really going to try this because I really think it will make me a more enjoyable person to be around.

This weekend I am going to my boyfriends parents house because they are having a family bridal shower for his sister. I am very nervous about the weekend because I am still on a strict no carbs (just for 2 weeks then I will go to whole grain) diet and well I will just say there is a lot of carb eating in that house and I love it when I am not trying to fit in a "LittleBlueDress' :). Needless to say this weekend is going to be very tough but with the right motivation and the support from his family I will make it through.

Day 5:
Breakfast: non-fat frozen yogurt:)
Lunch: spicy grilled chicken on a bed of cabbage (yeap I finished the soup)
Snack: turkey pepperonis
Dinner: grilled chicken, handful of turkey pepperonis, broccoli and low fat dip


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