Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Journey

 My first day on my "LittleBlueDress" challenge went very well. I already had a certain someone pressuring me to go eat out Thai food, which I know me I would SPLURGE completely. Instead I stayed home and cooked a yummy, healthy dinner which consisted of a lean protein and veggies. I never keep anything sweet in the house because that would be the cause of a disaster but I am going to purchase some no-sugar added fudgesicles because the great thing is they only have 40 calories. Isn't that great? Overall I could tell a difference in just one day or eating better. (especially this morning) So I am more motivated than ever right now, to see the change that I want to see.
Now even if I am eating healthy I know that without some sort of exercise,  I still will feel sluggish and just want to go home and lounge on the couch after work. Oh and by the way I have a desk job so it's not like I am doing any hard labor during the day. So along with this challenge I know that I have to do some sort of activity at least 5 to 6 times a week to be on top of my game. I am not going to lie, I am not in very good shape. I like the quick to the point exercises that work. I am not the type that likes to go to the gym and hangout for a few hours. So I found a quick, hardcore routine that I am going to try tonight, so I'll keep you posted if it is worth continuing.

Day 2:
Breakfast: non-fat yogurt
Lunch: Taco soup leftovers
Snack: broccoli and homemade SouthBeach diet ranch (light sour cream & ranch packet)
Dinner: Grilled chicken and shrimp pesto with broccoli
Snack: small amount of sirloin and broccoli with low fat dip (ps. never watch Man Vs. Food late at night or it will lead to this :) at least I had a healthy snack it could have been worse haha)

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